Assessor Application Form:

Please note that Inspectors applying to become Assessors must hold the Bridge Inspector Certification as a Senior Inspector

Lantra as administrator for the new Bridge Inspector Certification Scheme (NHSS 31) and on behalf of UK Bridges Board and Transportation Infrastructure Ireland (formally the National Roads Authority Ireland) are now looking to recruit experienced and knowledgeable personnel from the Bridge Inspection industry to become Assessors for the Scheme.

The main role of the Assessor is to assess the suitability of candidates to become Certified Inspectors. They will fulfil this role through undertaking a review of the evidence presented to them in the candidate’s e-portfolio, submitted for review prior to a ’face-to-face’ interview with the candidate.

This role can be undertaken on a part time basis or alongside your existing role within industry.
Assessors must meet the requirements of the Scheme administrator (Lantra) and the technical standard requirements as set by the Bridge Inspector Certification Scheme (BICS).
Lantra will provide details on Assessor remuneration on application.

Note: All Bridge Inspector Assessors must be registered with Lantra.

To apply to become an Assessor for the Bridge Inspector Certification Scheme you must already hold the Senior Inspector SMART card, please complete the Lantra Assessor Application Form below.

Our reviewers have a great set of skills. They have the:
• Attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and background knowledge to ask fair yet robust questions
• Experience to create the right environment so candidates give their best in their interview
• Objectivity to judge against set criteria and keep an open mind throughout the process
• Right mix of a strong-minded approach and the ability to make balanced decisions

Competency based Curriculum Vitae showing applicant has relevant industry experience and knowledge.
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Written statement evidencing a high level of proficiency for the Core Modules C1 to C7 (no more than 350 words per unit) click here for template.
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Please upload your passport photograph here
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Evidence of Assessor qualification (if held)
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